Sophomore keeps busy as lacrosse president

Adrienne Borgstahl doesn’t have much time to sit and relax during the day.

When she’s not in class, she’s setting up lacrosse games with other schools, doing homework, going to lacrosse practices, working in Toledo and finding time to go out with her friends.

Borgstahl, sophomore, is the president and coach of the BGSU Women’s Club Lacrosse Team, in the Honors Program on campus and works at a tanning salon in Toledo.

“I want to be involved with the Latino Student Union but I just didn’t have time at all this year,” she said.

Borgstahl has played lacrosse for six years and is dedicated to her club team even though she said, “I don’t really see myself as the coach.”

Kristina Savage, teammate and junior, thinks Borgstahl is a great person to have in charge of the team.

“She can be bossy and she gets the job done, which each of us needs that motivation in order to get stuff done,” Savage said. “She basically does everything in order to get our games scheduled and played. She is very on top of things.”

Savage added that she sees Borgstahl as a great leader and always informs the team of practices and games. She also said that Borgstahl’s sophomore status does not affect the team at all because she is responsible.

Borgstahl sees herself as “organized, but a messy-organized person” and the team sees her as the one they want in charge. She enjoys the job but the frustrations that go along with being the president of the program is something that she could do without. On the other side of it, though, she said the whole experience makes it worth it.

“You don’t realize how many things you have to take care of when you have home games,” Borgstahl said. “You don’t realize how much pressure there is on the president. I will probably be doing it again next year but we’ll be a little more organized.”

Even though she has to deal with a lot of stress, she said she loves to play lacrosse, especially because of how the team is doing this year.

“If it wasn’t for Adrienne, we would not be playing any games,” Savage said. “She has a big responsibility and does a great job at it.”

The girls on the team have a lot of say to when practices are and what schools they want to compete against, Savage said. Borgstahl tries her best to get games set up with those schools, she added.

As for the upcoming games this season, Borgstahl is optimistic as the team travels to Grand Rapids, Mich., to play four games Saturday.

“We’ve had a pretty decent season so far and this weekend will be a big weekend for us because we play our entire division,” she said.