Sports Briefing

Emily Steele participated in the BG News Pick ’em contest at the urge of her boyfriend, Pat Robinson.

And though her 107 points were most of the 45 entrants, Steele has no intentions of splitting her prize of $50 to Campus Pollyeyes, with Robinson.

“The only thing he did was discourage me from picking UCLA, which I wanted to pick to go to the Final Four,” Steele said of Robinson, whose bracket produced 55 points. “I think he actually tried to discourage me from picking Florida, too.”

But luckily for Steele, she stuck with her guns and chose national champion Florida, a pick that ultimately won her the contest over Molly McCabe, who finished with 75 points and a BGSU sweatshirt based on the strength of her picking five Elite Eight teams. Chris Gordon and Adam Smith tied for third with 69 points and will split a $25 gift certificate to Main Street BG.

Robinson will also be required to clean her room after losing a private pick ’em contest between the two.

“If you could see my room – he’s going to need to wear a mask,” Steele said.