Elections generate apathy on campus

Apathy is rampant in students who haven’t voted in Undergraduate Student Government elections for the 2006-2007 school year.

“Pure, solid apathy,” Travis Cook said.

Cook, sophomore, didn’t vote on the first day of USG elections yesterday and he doesn’t plan to.

When 52 students were polled at the Student Union last night, three had already cast their votes for president, vice-president and senators.

Many of the rest of the students like Brad Diefenderfer, freshman, weren’t sure what the elections were for.

“What is USG?” he asked.

Cordelle Johnson, freshman, didn’t vote. He blamed USG for not getting the word out.

“The people who run this thing need to educate the students,” he said. “I’m definitely undereducated on this.”

Though he hadn’t heard about the elections either, Lee Mulherin, sophomore, wouldn’t have cared anyway.

“Even if I had known about it, I wouldn’t have voted,” he said.

But some voters did go online to vote, like Renee Rambeau, a senior.

Five of the 52 students said they were planning to vote today.

If she has time, Mandy Giust, sophomore, said she would.

Giust tried to vote online yesterday around 4:30 P.M., but the election link on the BGSU Web site was down and she wasn’t able to.

Around 2:00 P.M. yesterday, the head of procedures and appeals for USG, Josie Miller,found out about a problem with the voting system issue when a few USG senators noticed that they were able to submit a ballot without filling in the ID number space.

The ballots on the Internet did not notify students their ID numbers were required in order for their vote to be counted. If any students chose not to put their ID number on the ballot, their vote was thrown out by the computer.

But she said it was not a disaster, just a computer glitch.

“It was just a slight little thing,” Miller said. “It’s settled now.”

USG sent out a mass e-mail through marketing and communication to all students on campus to let them know what had happened and apologize for the inconvenience but “there’s no one to blame here, it’s nobody’s fault,” Miller said.

Though 85 percent of the votes already cast included ID’s, the e-mail advised students who had voted without submitting their ID numbers to “please vote again and include your P#.”

But she doesn’t think the election is in danger.

“I talked to the candidates and it’s not going to be a problem,” Miller said.

No matter what, voting for USG elections continues until tomorrow morning at 8:00 A.M. and the results will be announced on Thursday.