Katie Couric oozes liberal bias on ‘The Today Show’

Katie Couric recently said on “The Today Show” that she will be leaving her show in May to do “CBS Evening News.” There are a lot of critics saying she is not cut out to be an anchor and others are also saying that this will make “CBS Evening News” even more liberal.

I agree with critics who say that Couric will hold a liberal bias when she reports the news for CBS. There’s plenty of evidence from what I have heard her say in the past on “The Today Show.”

Last year, Couric said that Saddam Hussein “hopefully” escaped to Syria.

How can someone say something like that about a dictator who created fear in Iraq for over 10 years and has killed thousands of his own citizens?

She said the capture of Saddam Hussein was only symbolic. Couric also said “No matter how deplorable Saddam Hussein was considered, he was the ultimate referee who kept the Sunnis and the Shiites apart from killing each other.”

She seemed to forget that Saddam killed thousands of people because of their region and religion and also persecuted anyone who wasn’t the same religion as him.

In November 2003, Katie Couric asked American GI Jessica Lynch, who was held hostage in Iraq, “Do you think that somehow, this, your rescue, was manipulated by the government in order to, sort of, gain up support for this war?”

How can she be neutral when reporting the news when she is asking U.S. troops if the government is just using them for their own political agenda?

It’s sad to think that American soldiers fight to uphold freedom in America and some people are being disrespectful to and the government.

She also had some harsh words to say about Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was still a Republican candidate. She said, “He’s admitted smoking marijuana, using steroids during his body-building career. He’s the son of a Nazi Party member.”

But according to freerepublic.com, Clinton used concaine while he was attorney general and I never heard her say anything about that when he was running for president.

According to newsmax.com, Couric has promoted a defense fund for Andrea Yates who drowned all four of children in the bath tub. I can’t believe that she is willing to try raising money for a mother who admitted to killing her kids, but is willing to make Arnold look like a villain in California.

She had nice things to say about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and said he is “considered one of the most charismatic leaders of the 20th century … Castro traveled the country cultivating his image and his revolution delivered. Campaigns stamped out illiteracy and even today, Cuba has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.”

She forgot to mention Castro also banned all books that aren’t Cuban propaganda and that he is known to have many of his own people imprisoned and in labor camps because they spoke out against him.

During the Elian Gonzalez fiasco, Couric said “Some suggested over the weekend that it’s wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami.”

Last time I checked, there weren’t any political prisoners in the United States and people can say pretty much anything positive or negative about our leader, unlike places like Cuba and South Korea.

I think it is impossible for her not to be biased – she has openly bashed Bush and many other Republican candidates, praised people like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

She is not fit to report the news and the news she will report will be based on her own non-neutral view.

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