BG taxpayers shouldn’t have to support plan

I am writing in response to your staff editorial about State Senator

Lynn Wachtmann’s efforts to remove abortion as an option on Bowling Green State University’s health plan. You state, in error, that he is trying to “limit the availability of abortions in Ohio.” This bill, according to your newspaper’s news story, says nothing about limiting the availability of abortions. It simply says that the state will not offer, sponsor or endorse a plan that pays for abortions.

As a taxpayer whose taxes support this state university and the services it offers, and also as an alumnus of BGSU, I am offended by both the coverage offered in the health plan and your very weak arguments defending it.

While abortion may be legal in this state, it is certainly NOT “the obligation of the [college’s] administration to protect women’s rights. . .” as you state, when the “rights” you talk about mean using state-paid workers’ time and state-paid facilities to arrange for a health care plan that will pay for those abortions.

If you choose to murder a child through an abortion, as long as it is legal in the United States, unfortunately, you cannot be stopped. However, there is no reason to expect taxpayers to support it by sponsoring coverage of this act through a health plan provided by a state-run university.

Peggy ward


[email protected]