Ten Questions – Beach time awaits Brech

BG News: What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Alan Brech: No school work and heading to the lake.

BGN: What are you going to miss most about this school year?

AB: The weekends because class isn’t that fun.

BGN: What’s your toughest final exam going to be?

AB: Business Communication.

BGN: What was your favorite class this semester?

AB: IPC 201. The teacher is sweet.

BGN: What are some of your summertime plans?

AB: Not really sure yet. Hopefully heading down to the

lake and then playing some baseball.

BGN: What’s one memory you have of this school year?

AB: Too many good memories to just single one out.

BGN: What has your biggest accomplishment been?

AB: First-team all-MAC.

BGN: Who has made this year fun for you?

AB: All of my teammates and others who remain anonymous.

BGN: Where did you spend most of your time?

AB: Mainly with the guys or out and about throughout Bowling Green.

BGN: What are your final words for BG News readers this school year?

AB: “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, towns the fish, people the barrel, fish in a barrel.”