Thrill of the Grand Prix

As wheels turned and carts whizzed down “library lane,” Aaron Bloomfield, University graduate student, pulled ahead to win the University’s first Grand prix racing event.

Bloomfield, gleaming with energy as warm as the day’s sun, entertained the crowd with his remarks after the race.

“We all wanted action – and [today] we got action,” exclaimed Bloomfield. “Winning this race just goes to show you that hard work does pay off.”

Bloomfield’s win was very tight against fellow competitor Kevin Davis.

“The whole race was very tight because were all dicing it out until the very end,” explained Bloomfield. “[Kevin] Davis was creeping up on me up until the very end.”

Grand Prix festivities began early on Saturday as pit crews opened at 8:30 a.m. and gates officially opened at 10:30 a.m.

Competing in the Grand Prix’s main race were all University students, lead by Aaron Bloomfield who finished first, Kevin Davis in second, James Herchler in third, Jen Bradley in fourth, Jeff Miller in fifth and Ben Fulton finishing in sixth place.

As the qualifying races started, Anthony Palumbo, adviser for the BGSU Motor Sports Team and announcer for Saturday’s race, described the difficulty and thrill of racing.

“Ladies and gentleman, out there its humans and machines working one on one – it is the feeling in the seat which pushes these drivers,” said Palumbo.

And what a feeling it was for the sole female driver in Saturday’s main race, Jennifer Bradley.

A fan of racing all her life, Bradley was at first weary about entering in such an event. However, she eventually changed her mind with the encouragement of Matt Hodek, friend and chief crewman for the Quantum Racing Team.

“It has taken a lot of mental preparation to become ready for the race,” said Bradley. “I practically memorized the entire track layout with every bend and turn.”

Although she finished in fourth place due to a failure with a chain in her racing cart, Bradley was pleased with the results of the race and what it means for the future of the Grand Prix on campus.

When asked whether or not she would be competing in next year’s race she replied, “definitely, yes.”

Bradley also added that she hoped more college students would give racing a try.

“I would hope for more college students to get out and go to a race to see what it is all about. Although there are technical, mechanical and fundraising aspects to it, everyone is more than willing to help,” explained Bradley.

Nearly missing on the first place prize, Kevin Davis explained that he was pleased with the event overall, as well as the crowd turn-out. He said the day’s events went smoothly, but that there is always room for future improvement.