Rediscover joins the Warped Tour series this summer

Addie Curlis and Addie Curlis

Three Northwest Ohio natives known as “Rediscover” have sprung onto the music scene with their indie power pop sound lighting up the stage.

The trio, at age 22, recently got signed; however, they are keeping the label name a secret for now.

Lead singer and songwriter Wes Quinonez said, “We had to choose between six labels, but we feel that we made a good decision.”

Other than lead singer Quinonez, the band features Mike Corwin playing the guitar and key-board and recently added member Rob Wagner as drummer.

Rediscover will be playing in Toledo at Headliners on June 9 at 8 p.m. with “We are the Fury.”

Quinonez said they always expect a good turnout for these local shows.

This will be their last show locally before their long awaited Warped Tour begins.

“We are really really excited to be playing for six days as part of the Warped Tour,” Quinonez said.

The Warped Tour will stretch across the United States over the course of the summer.

For Rediscover, the tour con-sists of Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and St. Petersburg Florida, Ladson South Carolina and Raleigh North Carolina from June 22 to 27.

“I wish we could be perform-ing for longer but since we got signed kind of late, I am happy with what we got,” Corwin said.

The band will be perform-ing for six days and given 25 to 30 minute sets at each concert. They hope to get six to seven songs in for the crowd accord-ing to Corwin.

“For now, it’s just the three of us but we are looking for a bass player to come with us for Warped Tour,” Quinonez said.

Currently they are in the studio recording their next EP which will be available to download on sometime in July. This site provides direct links to the CD, artwork and other promotion-al aspects of the band.

“The recording process is going good and for the past month I’ve been putting 12 hours a day in at the studio,” Quinonez said.

“Out of Touch,” an EP featur-ing four songs was released for the band exactly one year ago according to Corwin.

The Warped Tour is not the extent of Rediscover’s touring for the summer. The day after the Warped Tour ends for them, they will be heading on a full U.S. tour for a month with dance rock band, Action Action.

Matt Squire, producer for other bands like Panic! At the Disco, is producing Rediscover’s first full length CD due out next February. Quinonez said they will start recording in October in order to release on time.

Corwin compares their sound to Panic! At the Disco and The Killers, but with their own sound and style.

Wagner and Corwin are both from Perrysburg and attended the same high school, while Quinonez is from Toledo. Corwin and Quinonez met three years ago at Howard’s while attending a show for mutual friends.

After the show, Corwin approached Quinonez about his solo EP, introducing their shared interest in electronic music.

According to Corwin, Rediscover loves playing at Howard’s Club H in town because there is always a good crowd.

“Howard’s is one of our favor-ite places around here to play and we’ve been there five or six times now,” Corwin said.

Even though the band was signed, they are still supporting themselves financially.

“We’ve come a long way, but we still have a lot more to over-come,” Corwin said.