Campus Briefing

Professor receives recoginition for musical excellence

BOWLING GREEN – Burton Beerman, a professor of composition for the University’s College of Musical Arts, has recieved an Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council.

The award offers a $5,000 dollar prize in the music composition program and is intended to recognize a work for furthering the scope of the artistic realm. All OAC awards are provided to suuport for an individual’s artistic growth.

The works for which Beerman was recognized include: “Invisible Images” for cello, violin, percussion and piano and “Tikvah: Concert of Hope, Enlightenment and Remembrance.”

“Tikvah” is based on memoirs of Holocaust survivor Philip Markowicz and consists of a 90-minute mutimedia oratorio with music dance and video. It premiered in April 2005 druing the Holocaust Rememberance Conference at the University.

“Invisible Images” was commissioned by the NeXtEns (cq) Ensemble from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and in now a part of ensemble’s repertiore.

Beerman is a composer, clarinetist, video artist and computer programmer. He has given over 100 concerts and master classes across North America in the last four years.

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