Iran’s nuclear threat continues to grow

Iran has been a growing threat to the U.S. and

now the problem is getting worse.

For many years Iran has been trying to get a nuclear weapons program and just recently got a new facility. This week Iran’s president has been saying he will create a nuclear program again and obviously doesn’t care the United Nations agreement bans Iran from making any nuclear program of any kind.

In a speech, the Iranian president made threats to Israel and the U.S. and said that the U.S. is a “hollow superpower” that is “tainted with the blood of nation.”

That they might begin producing nuclear bombs is a serious problem.

Bush said in his State of the Union address “the nations of the world must not permit the Iranian regime to gain nuclear weapons.” Bush also said Iran was “held hostage by a small clerical elite that is isolating and repressing its people.”

He also mentioned that Iran must stop sponsoring terrorists in Palestine territories and Lebanon.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reports saying that Iran obtained documents and drawings from the black market that are used to make atomic warheads.

In their report the agency has 15 pages that of text and drawings that help show how to use uranium to make warheads.

This is the same black market network that sold Libya drawings of nuclear bombs.

The first documents that link Iran to constructing warheads was from late last year in a longer IAEA report.

The U.S. intelligence got information from a laptop computer that was smuggled from Iran.

The information from the computer suggested that scientists in Tehran are working out details for a nuclear weapon-like trajectories and ideal altitudes to explode a warhead.

This is why we need to stop Iran before it’s too late.

It’s also quite obvious they hate the U.S. and our allies, proving they have a motive to hurt us by trying to make this nuclear weapons program that is supposedly for civilian use only.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said “It is important that they understand ” that we are united in determining that they should not be able to carry on flouting their international obligations.”

The UN has said that there may be sanctions against Iran but these probably won’t do much since in the past Saddam Hussein violated seventeen sanctions before the U.S. took Saddam out of power.

The UN Security Council said they won’t do anything until the IAEA meets again in early March, even though the IAEA has already recommended that Iran should go to the Security Council and there is so much evidence that Iran is using their nuclear program to make bombs.

Iran is becoming a more dangerous threat with the way they defy the UN agreements.

Iran should not be trusted with any nuclear program, whether it’s for good use or not, because they’re too much of a risk with their terrorist ties and all the evidence that there trying to make nuclear bombs.

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