Size doesn’t matter

Men and women of all different sizes, shapes and ethnicities in vibrant colors, sleek styles and trendy wear, strutted across the runway at the fashion show “It’s Not Your Booty, It’s Your Inner Beauty; Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful!”

“you guys have done such a great job,” a teary-eyed Jackie Palmieri saidto the models before the show began. “I’m so proud of you – you all look fabulous.” Palmieri, health educator at the Wellness Connection, was the emcee and a coordinator for the fashion show last night.

The crowd was bursting with engery as they shouted, clapped and cheered on the 15 models, confident and energetic, as they modeled outfits from The Gap, Banana Republic, The Buckle, S’K Menswear and Diversity Boutique.

Portraying the theme of confidence, Shaneia Caldwell said, “we’ll make it a great success because of the positivity we’ve put into it.” Caldwell, sophomore, is the president and co-founder of Fad Watch served as a coordinator at the show.

The fashion show promoted positive body image and self-confidence, major themes for student organization, Fad Watch, which promotes self-confidence and originality through fashion. Fad Watch emphasizes nutrition, fitness and the inner beauty of a person.

Having modeling experience as well, Caldwell worked with the models to create the chorography for the show.

A major point they were trying to make with the show was to “portray self-confidence; that you can be happy, healthy and beautiful all at the same time,” said Kelli Brown, sophomore, who is a former anorexic, still dealing with the reprecussions.

“I don’t want people to go through what I did – you can be beautfiul no matter what size you are,” she said. Brown is the treasurer for Fad Watch and also served as a coordinator for the show.

Sophomore and model at the show Melissa Young said she hoped people walked away from the show with “a heightened sense of self-esteem – a better awareness of the full meaning of beauty in its entirety.”

“The whole point of involving the wellness connection is to promote positive body image – bodies of all shapes and sizes – that you can find something no matter who you are,” Michelle Chapman said. Chapman, sophomore, modeled at said the show and the preparation for the event was a “good experience -it made me feel better about myself.”

The first scene of the show named “Colorful and Vibrant,” featured relaxed but trendy styles from The Gap, including a variety of denim, camis, jackets, fitted tee-shirts and accessories.

The second scene, “Trendy and Fierce,” featured clothes from The Buckle and Diversity Boutique. Styles included gaucho pants, sequenced jeans, Puma wear and button down casual shirts.

It was followed by the scene, “Dress for Success ,” featured clothes from Banana Republic and S’K Menswear. The ladies showed off fashionable but professional outfits which included a variation of skirts, pants, button down shirts and jackets. The gentlemen got loud cheers from the ladies in the crowd as they glided across the runway in sleek three-piece suits from S’K Menwear.

The show’s end included a last run of the models and Palmieri’s thanks to the participants in the show. Palmieri ended the show by saying “the reason you got to college is because of who you are and your talents – and the only way you’re getting out of here is with what’s inside.”

The show was sponsered by student organization Fad Watch and the Wellness Connection/Student Health Service.