Monologues raise much needed money

Thank goodness we women have D.J. Johnson here to illuminate for us the best ways to liberate ourselves.

What would we poor things do if there weren’t strong men in the world like him who are able to discern with their superior intellect what is best for us?

What he doesn’t mention is that all the proceeds of this production are being donated to the Cocoon Shelter and the SAAFE Program, but his observations are still very pertinent, as these programs do everything they can to educate women about their bodies and their rights.

Thank you D.J. for your opinions, which I notice have yet to be swayed by frivolous things such as “facts” or “information” about the topics you so readily discuss publicly.

Without you and your enlightening column, I might have relied on the three years I’ve spent working on the Vagina Monologues for my feelings about the play, and kept on believing that the effects of the productions are almost unanimously wonderful and beneficial to women.

I’m so glad that D.J. Johnson has shown me the error of my ways.

I may now abandon my ambition to end physical and sexual violence and abuse towards women and work towards a new goal – to end discussion and dialogue about women and their “down-there’s” and keep women in a state of perpetual ignorance concerning their bodies.

Jenna Lake UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT [email protected]