BGeX under continuous assessment

The survey of student attitudes towards BGeX reported by Cassandra Shofar and the accompanying Staff Editorial on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006 is welcome coverage of a program that involves so many students and a large number of faculty and staff.

Given that this is a relatively new and very ambitious undertaking, we are eager for feedback.

Only by continuously assessing the program and listening to the perspectives of those involved will we be able to strengthen it. BGeX is a significant investment in the success of our first-year students, and we are committed to getting it right.

The BGeX Introduction, which was the focus of most comments in Ms. Shofar’s story, is an important effort to help students make the transition to college, build relationships with faculty and other students, convey faculty expectations and encourage students to reflect on their values and the role of values in decision-making.

The logistical and program planning aspects of the Introduction are complex. While we have continuously revised the Introduction in light of student and faculty comments, we remain committed to additional changes that will make the program stronger and more effective. Indeed, committees that include faculty, staff and students are currently working to revise the program we will offer first-year students in August 2006.

The hallmark of the BGeX Program is the scope of the University’s commitment to building a unique program that will foster student success and foster a sustained critical examination of values not only during the freshman year, but throughout the entire University experience. That will be the real test for a program that is still in its formative stages.

George J. Agich, Ph.D. Director, BGeX Program [email protected]