Competitors deserve respect from media

My family attended the home gymnastic meet this past weekend and were appalled by your photographer’s lack of compassion when two of the gymnasts were hurt.

Your photographer snapped several pictures of the athlete lying in pain on the mat as she was being attended to by her coach and trainers.

I have never attended a sporting event where pictures were being taken of injured players.

I could not believe my eyes when I opened the paper on Monday to see the photo of Candice Deacon on the floor in obvious pain.

What an insensitive thing to do!

Did you not think how she or the team would feel about seeing her photo in print?

You should have focused with pictures on the good parts of the meet and only mentioned the injuries in your article.

Shame on you!

The BG News owes Candice Deacon and the Gymnastics team an apology.

Jodie watson


[email protected]