Athletics sets new goals

Serving less than a semester as Bowling Green State University’s director of athletics, Greg Christopher has already set several goals for changes within the athletic department.

Christopher spoke about these goals to the Undergraduate Student Government last night.

He stressed the importance of the athletic department’s reputation, which he said, represents the whole University.

“Athletics is a terrific front porch for an institution,” he said. “It’s very incumbent on our part to run athletics the right way.”

Christopher came to the University after serving as the associate athletic director of external relations at Purdue University, where he also worked with marketing and promotions.

One of his primary concerns, he told USG, is the BGSU logo, which has changed frequently within the last three years.

“What bothers me is the inconsistency,” he said. “There’s three, four, or maybe five logos floating around.”

He said the purpose of the change was to make the logo more identifiable. The old logo, which is a simple orange symbol intended to represent a falcon, Christopher said, wasn’t recognizable as a falcon.

Nate Wiedenhoft, student welfare chair, said he personally prefers the traditional logo, but he said the most important thing is for the University to decide on one logo and stay with it.

Wiedenhoft used the McDonald’s golden arch as an example of how effective a logo can be and said it was important for BGSU to have a consistent logo so more people will become familiar with the University.

“It’s just something to identify us as an institution,” he said.

Another concern of Christopher’s was BGSU’s compliance with Title IX.

“Our population of student athletes need to mirror the population of our student body,” he said.

Christopher said females make up 65 percent of the student body but only 55 percent of the student athletes.

Christopher said he would like to discuss with female athletes from high schools within a 100-mile radius of BGSU to see which sport they would like to see added to the athletic department.

Though there are things that need changed, Christopher said he has been very impressed with BGSU athletes and fans.

He thanked students for making it out to the BG vs. Miami football game on Nov. 15, despite cold and rainy weather. He also said the athletic department is proud to see its athletes achieving in academics, something he said isn’t found at every university.

At the meeting, USG also reviewed legislation presented by Johnnie Lewis, the internal affairs chair.

The purpose of the legislation was to redefine the position of the USG Vice President, a position currently held by Kristin Kulbis.

The legislation’s purpose was to outline more specific duties for the vice president position.

“My overall duty is to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of [USG]” Lewis said.

The legislation, however, was not approved by the senate.

Kulbis said she was pleased by the senate’s decision.

“My basic duty it to help out Bernard,” she said. “Once we start putting in too many descriptions it’s going to get confusing.”

Due to no pressing issues, USG will not hold a general assembly meeting next week.