Double Reed Day educates student musicians

Melinda Jacobs and Melinda Jacobs

The halls of the Moore Musical Arts Center will be alive with the sound of music tomorrow. Double Reed Day, hosted by oboe instructor Susan Hatch Tomkiewicz and bassoon instructor Nathaniel Zeisler, will provide an opportunity for musicians from all walks of life to showcase and perfect their talent through various programs and events during the day long experience hosted by the University

“We wanted a way to reach out to the music community, more specifically double reed players, across the region. This is also a great opportunity for students, parents, teachers, etc to experience BGSU’s College of Musical Arts,” Tomkiewicz explained.

Although the University has held Double Reed Days in the past, this is both Tomkiewicz and Zeisler’s first time hosting the program here.

This event gives oboists and bassoonists a chance to participate in a variety of activities including master classes and lessons for both of the instruments, workshops, as well as both student and faculty performances throughout the course of the day.

The master classes will be hosted by Tomkiewicz and Zeisler and provide performers of both instruments the opportunity to benefit from their experience.

“The clinicians, Nathaniel Zeisler and myself, will conduct a short series of private lessons in front of an audience. The students receiving the one on one attention learn from the lesson and the spectators learn by observation,” Tomkiewicz said.

Both Tomkiewicz and Zeisler are no strangers to performance. Tomkiewicz has performed in several Symphonies, including the Austin Symphony and New Mexico Symphony, and has also shared her musical talent at a variety of other festivals and concerts, including a performance at the 2006 International Double Reed Society’s convention.

“I’m currently an active member of the Austin Chamber Ensemble and will be traveling to Austin in February for some concerts there. I have also participated in several recording projects including Bells for Stokowski with the University of Texas Wind Ensemble, the DVD Canzoni, and the theme music for the Sunday morning Texas Parks ‘ Wildlife show,” Tomkiewicz said.

The event will be held in the Kelly Instrumental and Choral Rehearsal halls from 8:30 a.m. to 3:40 p.m and is free of charge.

More information can be found online at

“We hope our Double Reed Day is fun and informative; allowing participants to learn and grow as musicians, make new friends and have a wonderful musical experience at the College of Musical Arts,” Tomkiewicz said.