Letter to the Editor

Ever since I was a little girl I have been told to be proud of who I am and what I stand for.

When I read the article, “Don’t be a hypocrite in the fight for equal rights” by Sarah Barnes, I was confused why she wouldn’t want ethnic groups, homosexuals and feminists to be proud of who they are as individuals.

She put down homosexuals for being proud and speaking out about their sexual preference, why shouldn’t they? Because they aren’t like Sarah – a straight, white female?

Homosexuals do not have equal rights, which is why they do speak out, in hopes of one day having them.

She also put down women for speaking out about equal rights. If it weren’t for feminists and the mothers of our society she wouldn’t have even been able to print that article.

Without women and minority groups standing up for what they believe to be equal, our society would be back where it was 60 years ago, with slaves and women being treated as dogs!

Sarah is right, our society has come a long way with equality, but can she really believe that it’s completely equal?

Lastly, if Sarah is so against speaking out for what you believe, why did she write this article? Clearly she is speaking out for what she believes.

– Alisha Richmond,

Freshman, Education, [email protected].