No more early entry

Jodi S. Cohen and Jodi S. Cohen

Though some universities decided earlier this year to scrap their early-admissions programs, the two most selective universities in the Chicago area will continue admitting high school students during the first semester of their senior year.

Officials at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University will continue to allow seniors to apply in the fall and get a decision by mid-December because it doesn’t disadvantage minority and low-income students, a criticism taken to heart by other universities.

Harvard, Princeton and the University of Virginia will eliminate early admissions next year.

“We were aware that everybody was wondering if Northwestern would join along and we essentially said no, not at this time,” said Michael Mills, associate provost for university enrollment at the school. “We are not disadvantaging students as it appears those three schools in the East are.”

When Harvard announced the change, administrators said the early-enrollment policy was unfair to low-income applicants who need to compare financial aid packages.