War climate means bad news for U.S. soldiers, pocketbooks

Boy, oh boy. I’ll tell you what; this crazy world we live in really gets me worried sometimes about what will happen in the future.

With a nuclear North Korea, Japan getting their own arms program underway, and the ever-constant threat from terrorists, what is going to happen if the world ends up in World War III?

The simple fact of the matter is if we do go to World War III, and we do not keep the alliances that we have now, I hate to say this, but the global population of the world is screwed.

The amount of nuclear weapons we have is enough to destroy every major city in the world – twice. And, if you factor in all other weapons other countries have, well let’s just say, it could become a very sparsely populated planet in less than 15 minutes.

The simple fear of Nerf guns last week on campus really makes me wonder, what will be the next thing? Will kids playing Cowboys and Indians be arrested and tried as adults for conspiracy to commit murder?

But back to the real issue here. If a terrorist organization gets a nuclear weapon, dirty bomb, or other weapon of mass destruction into the United States, and we go to war with the country that is harboring them, we will simply be spreading ourselves too thin.

The great American military can only be in so many places at once and still pose a viable threat to those that oppose them.

Now this seems like a bit of a stretch, but if the big man in the White House decides to use one of our nukes to wage a war against someone, the global repercussions would be disastrous.

I am not saying that this person would be Bush, but whoever the current Chief Executive happens to be.

The biggest fear that I have with nuclear weapons is the North Koreans.

A nuclear North Korea is one of the scenarios that I really did not want to think about until they blasted a hole in ground with their first bomb. There are those who think the North Koreans simply blasted a few tons of TNT below the surface, but in this case I think it is safe to assume the worst. With the homicidal, fanatical, and in my opinion, psychotic leader Kim Jong-Il, assuming the worst is the safest thing to do.

The UN can put as many sanctions out there that they want to, but until they want to back up their threats of war, do you really think Mr. Jong-Il will do anything along the lines of stopping their weapons productions? I stand better chances of becoming President.

The thing is, the UN may go to war with North Korea, and then all member nations will be involved in this war, but who do you think will be the ones to give the most to this effort?

Who will the UN ask to lead the assault? You guessed it, the good old US of A.

Now, granted other nations will support us, who else has the amount of armed forces that we do? Who could really put navy, air force, marines, and army out there like we can?

We hold the world record for the most readily deployable military force, the Airborne in 48 hours or less. Who can compare to that?

If the UN decides to go to war, we’re going to be the ones footing the bill, and the military might to fight it.

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