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February 22, 2024

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Partial-birth abortion is a disgusting act

Abortion. A word so politically loaded that even the mention of it has tempers flaring and different opinions thrown right and left.

Unfortunately for the nine U.S. Supreme Court members, this controversial matter will be the subject of their discussions for some time to come.

And when I use the term “abortion,” I’m not talking about just any old abortion technique. Oh no, ladies and gentlemen – we’re bringing in the mother of all methods: the partial-birth abortion.

According to the Abortion Access Project, a partial-birth abortion is usually performed during the fifth month of gestation or later.

The woman’s cervix is dilated and the fetus is partially removed from the womb, feet first.

The surgeon inserts a sharp object into the back of the fetus’ head, removes it and inserts a vacuum tube through which the brains are extracted.

The head of the fetus contracts at this point and allows the fetus to be more easily removed from the womb.

Yesterday, the court began discussing whether or not to uphold the first nationwide restrictions on partial birth abortion since the ruling in Roe v. Wade that established a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion, according to USA Today.

One of the main arguments being addressed is how partial birth abortions are performed. The administration argues that Bush’s Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act does not restrict a D’E procedure in which the fetus is dismembered in the uterus and then removed in pieces, so technically this method is deemed acceptable.

They are also bringing into the mix the idea of a woman’s right to any abortion she deems necessary to end the life of her baby.

“More so now than ever, I really feel these kinds of decisions are best left to the woman, the partner and the doctor. Period,” one of the pro choice supporters said.

As a woman, I understand what the pro-choice supporters are trying to convey.

No one has the right to take away someone’s ability to choose what they deem necessary for their happiness, especially in regard to a pregnancy.

But what about the unborn child’s happiness? What about their life? What about their choice?

In regard to this, some might argue that the fetus is not technically a human being with an option of choice.

But in the middle third of pregnancy when most partial-birth abortions take place, babies killed are alive until the end of the procedure and experience pain.

They have ten fingers and toes, eyes, a mouth and all the other extremities that define a human when they are partially delivered in order to be killed.

In essence, we are killing a fully formed human being, not a mass of cells incapable of living outside the womb.

As an American citizen, I see many different men and women either put away for life or even executed for the murder of a fellow human being.

Most of society deems the death penalty an appropriate punishment for those who take away the life of someone else.

What about the mothers of aborted fetuses?

Aren’t they also taking away someone else’s life?

Should they be subjected to the same punishments as the murders that some people so adamantly claim deserve the death penalty?

These questions are ones that oftentimes spur violence and hatred towards different groups of women and men based on what they believe in regard to abortion.

Our society is traveling along a slippery slope that will eventually enable us to simply kill our children at a full term pregnancy.

Banning what is known as ‘partial-birth abortions’ in all its aspects will hopefully deter this slope from reaching that point, as well as save thousands of babies from the pain that they feel during this procedure.

Many will argue that this takes away a woman’s right to choose, but it simply cannot be seen this way.

If a woman finds it absolutely necessary to kill her child, there will still be other methods of abortion to choose from.

The law that the Court is looking over will only fully ban partial-birth abortions.

Partial-birth abortion is a procedure that is cruel and insanely gruesome because the child has the ability to feel.

Although I do not agree with other forms of abortion as well, I believe that they should be offered to women as an alternative for those who feel it’s their only option.

The right to choose what we want for ourselves is something in which everyone should have the privilege.

After all, the consequences of these actions are only ours to deal with.

Send comments to Kristen at [email protected]

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