That’s all she wrote

After a long, somewhat disappointing season, BGSU football coach Gregg Brandon wants to put it all behind him, focus on what his team did well and focus on next year.

“I’m not dwelling on the wins and losses anymore, the negativity that came out of this season as a result of the losing record is what it is,” Brandon said. “I’m not dwelling on it, there are a lot of good things that we accomplished.”

Brandon is right. After a homecoming win over Eastern Michigan on Oct. 14, BG stood at 4-3, had decent quarterback play, a hard-nosed running game and a do-it-all receiver to go with a tough defense. It seemed as though the Falcons could still do well in the Mid-American Conference standings and maybe clinch a bowl berth.

That all changed – the Falcons finished 4-8 and lost their last five games of the season. The season began to unravel in Mt. Pleasant on Oct. 19 when the Falcons fell to Central Michigan, 31-14. Brandon admitted the team expected some growing pains.

“I didn’t want to go into the season and call it a building year but that’s what it was,” he said. “I think we were fortunate enough to win some of those early games as young as we were and we just ran out of gas in the end.”

With the offseason comes recruiting responsibilities for the Falcons. Brandon said he’ll recruit at all positions but some will be recruited more heavily than others. His main areas of concern are the secondary and linebacking core on defense. On offense Brandon was somewhat satisfied but he expressed a desire for a game-breaking running back.

“We need a fast, make you miss type guy, you know a Garrett Wolfe type,” Brandon said. ” We need to get a guy that can come in and be that guy for us like P.J. Pope was.”

As far as special teams goes, Brandon is content to help the current kicker and punter develop rather than bring in more recruits.

“Our punter and kicker are going to be good players, I don’t want to invest more scholarships in those positions right now,” Brandon said. “[Alonso] Rojas will develop, I think he’ll be OK and I think [Sean] Ellis will too. He just has to grow up and mature, get stronger.”

Brandon also addressed the team’s inability to cover well on special teams. The abundance of offensive and defensive starters who spent time on special teams was one problem he found. Although the best players available were on the field, they may not have had the energy to play as many downs as they did.

“We always want to play our best players, the problem you get into is that when it gets late in the season and those best players are starters on your offense and defense you need to manage your reps,” Brandon said.

As far as the quarterback position is concerned, Brandon still has confidence in Anthony Turner.

“Anthony Turner is a very talented football player,” he said. “Anthony has to demonstrate that he can do what our past quarterbacks have done here and that is lead us to bowl games and championships and he has yet to do that.”

Brandon was very clear that there will be equal opportunity for all quarterback candidates to become the starter heading into next season.

“In the spring they’re all going to get an opportunity to compete and win the job,” Brandon said. “Whoever the Bowling Green quarterback is, that’s what I’m asking that kid to do – to put us in the championship, to win a championship, and take us to the bowl game.”

Brandon expressed a lot of enthusiasm in the talent of the young players. The offseason will be a new experience for the freshmen.

“Those kids are young and willing, they were just inexperienced,” Brandon said. “None of these freshmen that played for us this year have been through an offseason, have been through a spring ball, have any idea what it takes to play at this level. This season they found out.”