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November 30, 2023

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Halloween is an excuse for drunkenness

I’m sure many students woke up today still wearing caked on fake blood and asking the same question: What the hell did I do last night?

While Halloween is often a holiday filled with mischievous activities and pranks, it has also become a night filled with promiscuous women and alcohol. These ideas may make most college students jump at the chance to party on Oct. 31, but not everyone is as impressed.

When we were children, this holiday was about finding the greatest costume and getting more candy and cavities than our neighbors.

Even a haunted house could satisfy our needs to do something dangerous on Halloween night.

Now, going to a party can’t even be enough. Instead, our generation feels the need to get completely obliterated while wearing some cheap mask with fangs from Wal-Mart.

Costumes have taken a serious plummet in creativity. Ladies, is it really that hard to think of something to “wear” that doesn’t include bunny ears or the world’s tightest push-up bra?

Yes, you have breasts, but do we really need to see them shoved up to your chin? I’m sure a decent number of the opposite sex wouldn’t mind this at all, but if the only way to get a guy is by dressing like a complete prostitute, then you have far more issues than I’d like to write about.

There are so many advocates out there who want equal rights for each race and gender.

On the drunken mistake of a holiday known as Halloween, I am truly ashamed to even be associated with females.

I believe that after seeing such a lack in costume variety and dignity, most college women are either too dense to come up with a good idea, or just completely oblivious as to why certain people don’t believe in equal rights.

To all of the feminists that butcher men for not caring enough about what women can offer the world, please look around you before you speak. Obviously not every girl acts like a drunken floozy, but those who do ruin it for the rest of us.

I often wonder if women read the campus alerts and see the reality that faces them.

A lot of women think dressing sexy and drinking so much that they pass out can be one great time, but people get assaulted just walking home sober.

It’s not to say that this campus isn’t safe compared to other campuses, but assault can happen anywhere. You may think you are independent and strong and whatever you wear is your business, but the message you send when showing off everything your body can offer someone is not a good signal to be sending.

While it is your prerogative to drink your consciousness out the window, how safe is it when you can’t even remember where you are or with whom you went to the party?

It’s not my place to dictate when there should and should not be drinking, but I seriously question if others have any idea how stupid they look out there.

It’s one thing to drink with a close group of friends, but it’s a completely different story when you are parading through the streets puking all over your grim reaper sickle while screaming obscenities at cars passing by.

So when next year rolls around, I hope that every person who even thinks about participating in Halloween festivities takes a moment to think about what it is they are about to experience.

If going into Nov. 1 with some dignity left to your name sounds good, then more power to you.

If turning into an inebriated airhead sounds like fun, then have at it. Until next year, happy end of Halloween to all.

Send comments to Sarah Barnes at [email protected].

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