Letters To The Editor

Police fail to use respectful alternatives

When I heard about the zombies vs. humans game I was very excited to participate.

I am not one for social gatherings but this seemed like an excellent way to get to know people and enjoy some harmless fun to take my mind off grades and papers.

I eagerly bought my bright orange Nerf gun and bandana. Of course, I wasn’t so thrilled when I heard about the police arresting people for carrying said guns around.

I find it remarkable that the police’s first course of action would be to arrest students. Was there any attempt made to contact the organizers of the game? Did they try to resolve this in a civil manner?

Not to my knowledge. Instead, to shut the game down, they arrested students and handed out citations. This strikes me as a lack of professionalism and respect for the student body.

The issue in my mind is not the game or who was right or wrong, but how the police reacted.

To respond with such heavy-handed tactics that degrades and humiliates those arrested for carrying Nerf guns – those toys we played with as seven-year-olds, mind you – was a disgusting display.

Police, I ask you: do you really have so little respect for the student body’s ability to work things out in a civil manner?

I have always respected the police for doing their job and trusted them to keep us safe. However, on Monday, I was afraid of them.

Bowling Green student body: Is this how you want to feel about your campus police?

– Kelsey Shannahan, Senior, Computer Science,

[email protected].

‘Humor’ column doubly offends women, readers

As I sat down to read The BG News today, like I do everyday, I never thought it would be for the last time. I made this decision after reading the so-called “humor” article, “Women from Venus, Nerds from Mars,” by supposed columnist, Colby James.

I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the editors’ decision to print this article. It is by no means a “humor column.” It is simply an offensive article.

I cannot fathom how women readers are suppose to read this article and not be incredibly insulted. If your goal in printing this article was to lower your female readership, you have succeeded.

I realize opinion is simply that, someone’s opinion, however writing an article such as this is simply stereotyping and degrading women. This is no different than printing a racist article insulting a minority group.

This article proved to be an embarrassing representation of Bowling Green State University. Also, whoever is dating this sorry excuse for a man needs to end this relationship pronto. I would like to say kudos to him for publishing, in writing, for everyone to see what a womanizer he is.

I would hope this Colby character remains dateless for the rest of his women-hating life after writing this article. I also feel sorry for him if he really has such skewed idea of women. He needs to realize that in this day and age this kind of behavior and language is not acceptable.

Also, I wonder why he calls his “loyal readers” “nerds.” I know many people who read this and other newspapers, none of which are “nerds.” I do not understand the idea of insulting you readers. I don’t read the paper to be insulted. I read it to be informed.

In conclusion, I would like to let you, the editors of The BG News, know that I have shared this article with every self respecting female I could find. All of these women agreed with me.

They decided it would be a long time, if ever, before they open another issue of The BG News. You have definitely let your readers down with this one.

– Jill Bohland, Sophomore, Dietetics, [email protected].