Ever-present parking problem needs to be fixed by BGSU

Andrew Flavahan and Andrew Flavahan

The parking office is unfair to everybody and tipping the scales in favor of commuter students will make things worse.

Make things more tolerable for commuter students, and things become less tolerable for on-campus students. This would only lead to more petitions and bickering.

The solution isn’t making things worse for commuter or on-campus students. Instead, the parking office should rework how they do everything.

As I’m typing this, my car is sitting in an unpaved stone “lot” over a mile from me. The only other on-campus lot I can feasibly park in is Lot 12, which is closer to where I live, but it’s still in terrible shape.

It’s littered with potholes, full of stones the size of golf balls; it’s an absolute mess that’s always packed on weekdays (I counted 30 illegally parked cars in there once).

And let’s not forget the parking office’s regulation on damage done to vehicles on their property (such as damage from the potholes in their lots), which clearly states they assume no responsibility and cannot be sued.

This is outrageous.

They have failed to maintain several lots, but any damage done to our cars because of this absurdity is OUR fault and OUR responsibility?

Tire alignment, shocks, struts and the handling of your car could be taking a beating, and the University apparently doesn’t care at all.

Based on how far away the main on-campus lot is, and the state of Lot 12, I can’t help but think the University assumes on-campus students won’t need their cars much.

This is a mistake.

A bigger mistake is their assumption that only on-campus students who can prove they hold a job should be allowed to park in the “short term” lot behind Offenhauer. If they opened that lot to all on-campus students, everyone in Offenhauer and McDonald would try and park there because it’s the only practical on-campus lot for either dorm. This would surely make things more difficult for students with jobs, but students with jobs aren’t the only on-campus students who need their cars on a daily basis.

An article which appeared in Tuesday’s paper made mention of a few on-campus lots I never even knew existed, that are nowhere near any of the residence halls and sit mostly empty.

It’s about as infuriating as seeing empty commuter lots as I walk or take a bus back to my dorm from the overflow lot practically every night.

So I don’t really see how that would justify taking spaces away from on-campus students..

Regardless, this whole system needs a complete overhaul.

By rearranging the lots in a smarter way, utilizing a single “student” pass or fixing the problem by some other means, a smarter parking system is sorely needed. On top of that, they should also be maintaining the lots instead of just busying themselves with passing out as many tickets as possible.