Noodly versatility

Most college students try to save as much money as possible, and if that means giving up a hearty meal, then so be it.

The ramen noodle phenomenon has swept Bowling Green for numerous years, and some students have attempted to live off these noodles.

Just like education major Andi Claycomb, who said she eats ramen once a week or more because they are super cheap.

“Actually, at this point I really am tired of ramen, but where else could I get a full meal for less than a dollar?” she said. “I think they are so popular because they are cheap and because as a college student you are expected to suffer through with four years of ramen noodles.”

Escaping the monotony of ramen noodles may seem difficult for students, but it doesn’t have to be. There are hundreds of recipes including ramen noodles as a main ingredient that would provide a more filling meal or a meal for a group of people.

Some recipes feature chicken, beef or pork. Salads, seafood and vegetarian recipes are also possible.

On top of that, there are even dessert recipes featuring ramen noodles such as caramel ramen on a stick and candied choco-ramen.

According to Nancy Joseph, associate director of operations for University Dining Services, the noodles are offered in both Chilly’s and Temptations because of the popularity with college students.

“They are filling and an inexpensive snack or meal option for many of them,” she said.

She encourages students to add cooked proteins or vegetables to the noodles to create more of a meal. However, students tend to eat them strictly how they are. She said many eat them as their meal replacement, which is not the intent of the product.

“I also think they are a quick and easy option for someone on the go,” Joseph said.

Other students have tried to add ingredients to the ramen noodles in order to change things up.

Freshmen Emily Marshall said her personal favorite flavor is picante beef. Sometimes she eats them plain, while other times she tries mixing flavors just to switch things up a bit.

“I’ve also tried eating them with eggs, but I didn’t think it was too great,” she said. “I’ve heard ramen noodles with cheese is delicious, but I’ve never tried it. I would definitely be willing to try more recipes, but so far I haven’t gotten too creative with my ramen noodles.”

She said she eats them both for the price and because she really likes them.

“Also, they are easy to make. Just stick them in a bowl with some water, pop them in the microwave, and three minutes later you have a tasty meal that is great for any time of day,” Marshall said. “I think they’re so popular because it’s really hard to get tired of ramen noodles. I’ve been eating them since I was a kid, and I still think they are delicious.”