Students need to keep perspective

Elections may seem like a long way off to many students. The next presidential election is in 2008 and Comedy Central fans are buzzing about Stewart/Colbert ’08.

Despite the announcement by “The Daily Show” host, Jon Stewart that there will be no such campaign, fans have run away with themselves.

Web sites like have already begun selling T-shirts supporting the duo.

The notorious Web site has a group called “Stewart and Colbert 2008” which has already generated 11,882 members.

While amusing, the crazed fans of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” need to remember that these men are entertainers. Very funny entertainers, but entertainers none the less.

They are good at what they do: parody and sarcasm.

They have gained a monumental following with their two shows and no doubt have legitimate and compelling political views.

They are not, however, politicians. They do not belong in the political arena, except to conduct interviews.

They serve America much better by pointing out our pitfalls and mistakes.

Their back-to-back “fake news” hour has become a staple for this generation, but despite their overwhelming influence, it should not extend beyond the realm of cable television.

The BG News encourages students to keep their sense of humor and fun, but to keep it in perspective.

The two will no doubt be exhibiting the same award-winning coverage of the 2008 elections that they gave for 2004.

Let’s leave it at that.