Game, tailgating provide camaraderie

Guess what?

Tomorrow is the Homecoming football game. BGSU vs. Eastern Michigan in all their glory.

And despite yesterday’s snow and a forecast barely breaching 50 degrees, you can bet the animated BG fans will be out in their orange gear.

Even though the game doesn’t begin until 4p.m., parking spaces will begin to fill around noon, when the real festivities begin.

For that is when the tailgating begins.

Tents, food, beer and fun. But many student miss out on this main event. For whatever reason, some University fans come only to the game.

The BG News would like to extend an official invitation to students: We invite you to join us, and the rest of campus, at the party surrounding the stadium tomorrow.

Bundle up in your warmest orange hat and gloves and come out for some great food and even better company.

Not only will you be having a stellar time, but you will also be supporting our athletic department (which you help pay for).

Director of Athletics, Greg Christopher, wrote a letter to the editor in yesterday’s paper and we would like to repeat his sentiments: the University needs you, the student, to be at this game.

In addition to the great tailgating experience, University Activities Organization will be hosting a free concert. And there will be fireworks.

Fireworks. Does it really get much better than this?

So show that you are indeed a supportive member of this University. Go to the game, go to the parade, go tailgating, attend these Homecoming weekend events.

They are put on for students (that’s you). It’s one of the many things you will find here on campus that benefit you directly.

Plus, Homecoming is fun. And, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for drinking.

Especially at the Homecoming game, you are destined to find corn hole, cookouts and, more importantly, camaraderie.