Political college groups canvass campus

It’s that time of year again, that’s right election season. College Republicans and College Democrats have been taking part in a variety of events to get students registered to vote.

Both campus organizations have been campus canvassing, wandering around campus asking students to register, as a convenient way of getting students registered to vote on their way to or from class. They also have been going door-to-door in dorms and getting students registered to vote since the beginning of the semester.

Mark Wagner, the 2nd vice president of the College Republicans knows it’s important that college students be interested in national and state issues.

“Everybody should exercise their right to vote so they can express their opinions on issues like the war, state budget, and education,” he said.

Some students are concerned about a variety of issues including increasing minimum wage, smoking laws, and tuition assistance.

Misha Stredrick, a grad student said she was interested in school funding as assistance from the state decreases. “I’m concerned about how the state will implement assistance programs and how they will sponsor them.”

The participation of college students voting via absentee ballots is crucial to the republican effort due to the fact that most college students typically vote democratic. This year the state of Ohio has implemented a no fault policy which means anyone can vote absentee for their hometown elections no matter what voting district they are currently living in.

The College Republican organization also sponsors the Super Saturday phone bank that has members of the organization call republican students to make sure they have received their absentee ballots and mail voters a ballot if they have not already received one. Super Saturday, their most important event in the registration process, will be Saturday Oct. 7 from 10 a.m. to 7p.m….

On the other side of the spectrum, College Democrats are sponsoring the Sherrod Brown Rally on Friday Oct. 6 at 3:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room in the Union. Sherrod Brown is running for state senate against senator Mike DeWine. A side from guest speakers, students can also register to vote at this event.

Amanda Belcher, the president of the College Democrats said, “Candidates tend to ignore college students’ needs; we want our representatives to represent us as well.”

Nilsa Walker an Early Childhood Studies major said ” I registered to vote at the tables in the Union after class, it only took a couple minutes.”

Registration tables can be found in the Union today and voters must be registered by Oct. 10.