Jobs should be chosen based on passions

Students at BGSU may be stuck with a job they hate for a very long time.

According to an article in today’s BG News, more and more students are choosing majors they feel are “safe” and “stable.”

This is a grave mistake on the part of these students.

The logic behind the decision is smart enough, they feel it’s their best bet to ensure they get a job and remain financially stable.

And this can be true. But not if these students are sacrificing the rest of their lives for financial stability.

Do you really want to wake up and go to a job you hate every day for the next 40 years?

Your fooling yourself if you think this will make you happy.

Students should realize the finality of their decision when they go to college.

Unless you’re rolling in the dough, chances are good you won’t get a second chance at college.

We all need to make sure we’re following our passions and our abilities into a career we will be happy with until we retire.

To do anything else is to try and be someone you’re not. It’s fake.

And employers will know if you’re not excited about working for them.

Who would you hire? The student with the stellar grades and bland interview, or the student with the decent grades who’s beating down your door to work for you?

The BG News encourages all students to take the time to evaluate your major and what it means for your life. If it’s not what you want, there’s still time to change.

This goes double for freshman: it may be cheesy, but follow your heart to a job you’ll love.