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November 30, 2023

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BGSU fans, please stand for our National Anthem

During the homecoming football game I began to observe the behavior of those around me. There were the proud parents of the team, dance and cheer leading squads and band members.

There were the young children attempting to outdo one another in plummeting down the inflatable slide.

There were also the hundreds of inebriated fans stumbling throughout the stadium with absolutely no recollection of how outlandish they were behaving.

The worst part was when the band started to play the first parts of a familiar tune, and not everyone in the stadium was standing for our national anthem.

Granted, not everyone in a stadium is physically able to stand, but they at least have the decency of turning their cell phones on silent so those around don’t have to be subjected to songs about “ridin’ dirty” during our country’s sacred song.

Those of us who respect what rights we have as Americans can actually appreciate the symbolism and honor in this tradition without announcing every three seconds how utterly trashed we are at the game.

I assume the people who didn’t stand or take off their hats or shut their mouths during the anthem found tailgating exciting and entertaining.

Those who refrained from killing their brain cells and really just wanted to embrace the game probably didn’t find your partying to be so fun when you decided to disrespect this country.

This may sound a bit too extreme for everyone to embrace, but is it really so hard to just honor those who fought for your freedoms by quietly respecting this anthem?

No matter what political beliefs you have, Iraq is an issue which most people in this country have an opinion on.

Whether you agree with what is happening in the Middle East, the fact still remains: Our troops are over there.

Our parents, siblings, close relatives and friends are willing to die for your rights to have an opinion about what is going on in the world, and you can’t take two minutes out of your oh so busy drinking schedule to stand and appreciate them?

Those disrespectful fans in the stadium must feel so proud of themselves looking back on how rude and inconsiderate they were acting toward those who have fought and/or died for their rights.

Being drunk is not an excuse to be ignorant, nor is being social. You are most likely going to see the people around you sometime after the national anthem is over, so screaming their names when you spot them in the crowd during this song is probably not the most tasteful action.

Hats are also a topic of discussion when bringing up national anthem etiquette. College is a time of self expression, so being able to wear what you want is fine.

When you decide to wear that bright orange baseball cap to support your team at sporting events, you should also decide to support your country by removing it during the anthem.

If your hat hair shows and you are self conscious about this; you should have run a comb through your locks before putting the hat on in the first place, so just get over it.

If you choose to sit while this song is being performed due to religious reasons, you are an American and you have that right.

Just remember who gave you those rights and who is continuing to protect your freedoms. Sit if you must, but understand why those around you are standing proud.

Obviously there are many factors which go into not acting properly as the national anthem is played.

I ask if you can stand, calm down for a little while, and take your hat off, please do as much as possible to value this long held tradition.

Send comments to Sarah Barnes at [email protected].

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