T-shirts promote violence awareness

A rainbow of T-shirts will be strung between trees today to remember victims of domestic violence.

Wood County is to host the annual Clothesline project on the University’s campus in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The event will be held on the lawn between the Business Administration and Education buildings today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This display is to honor and remember the victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment and battered women by their families, friends and the Bowling Green community.

“This display serves as a medium if you will for family and friends to remember their loved ones,” said Courtney Olcott, Share program educator with Behavioral Connections.

According to Olcott, this display gives the community a chance to bring issues to people’s attentions and a way for “airing out [society’s] dirty laundry.”

The Share program is a care-taker for Behavior Connections and according to Olcott, the Share program lost its funding, so this year’s display will be the last one until more funding becomes available.

“I know this can be very helpful and a healing process for families, so I know others are as disappointed as we are to not have funding for next year,” Olcott added.

Olcott hopes people will come and see the display since it will be going on for two days, at the same time each day.

The Pi Beta Phi sorority, which has been involved with the project for the past two years, wants people to not only look at the display, but also remember the victims.

“This display is an amazing tool for sexual assault victims,” said Kylee Siebart, junior and student coordinator for Clothesline project.

Each T-shirt represents a visual representation of a victim and shows the community that it’s real, Siebart said.

The effect this issue has on her sorority sisters and other friends is what keeps Siebart motivated to help with the project.

“My family hasn’t had experiences, but my friends and sorority sisters have had personal experiences,” she said.