Halloween events to spook Pub patrons

As college students get older, dressing up and eating candy for Halloween may seem a little childish and a bit out of style. However, drinking beer, singing karaoke and carving pumpkins just might sound more appropriate.

Starting now, students can sign up to participate in such events at the Union information center.

The events include “scary beers” taste contest as well as a pumpkin carving contest which will include karaoke, and will take place at the Black Swamp Pub.

Justin Rudisille, graduate assistant to Student Union Programs, urges students to attend the beer tasting contests that occurs every month, including this months Halloween themed, “scary beers.”

“We usually bring in seven unique types of beer and we give everyone in the attendance samples and talk about what it’s made of and the history of the beer,” Rudisille said. “This month the theme is scary beers. We are using beers with strong flavors, scary labels and fall themed beers like Pumpkin Ale.”

The event costs $7 and will take place Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Space is limited to 35 people and seats fill up quickly so it is encouraged that students sign up ahead of time, according to Rudisille.

The beer tasting contests are in its third year and were started by Dr. Mike Coomes, professor in department of higher education and student affairs.

“Mike had always kind of been an enthusiast. It was when the pub first opened up, and they wanted to create some programming in the pub, and it was an idea that got thrown out there,” Rudisille said. “Because of Mike’s experience he kind of took the program under his wing. The union sponsors the event, but Mike runs the program.”

During the contest, people in attendance get to talk about the beers and eventually one beer will be crowned the best.

“People usually just like to converse about the beers and talk about the flavors,” Rudisille said. “By the end of the night they vote on the best in show, the best beer of the night.”

The other event taking place is pumpkin carving. Lindsay Baker, organizer of the pumpkin carving event, is excited to bring an event to the Pub that can make students away from home feel more comfortable.

“It is kind of just festive and goes with the whole fall and Halloween theme,” Baker said. “Usually carving pumpkins is something people do with their families, so this is nice for first year students who aren’t around their families, especially if they want a pumpkin for their room.”

Along with the pumpkin carving contest there will also be karaoke.

The event is free and anyone can attend. While there are no prizes for the winners, there will be hot apple cider.

“This is the first time we have ever done pumpkin carving,” Baker said. “It is free to students, so you just come to the pub and the supplies will be there and you can carve pumpkins and sing songs, the karaoke is just there for entertainment while students carve their pumpkins.”

The pumpkin carving event occurs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.