Cowboy cuisine in BG

The Call of the Canyon Café might be one of Bowling Green’s best kept dining secrets.

Located near the corner of Wooster and Main Street, this southwestern-style restaurant has been serving college students and locals alike for over eight years.

The diner gets its name from a book written by Zane Grey, an Ohioan famous for her popular novels about the wild west of the United States. The restaurant’s name isn’t the only homage to the author, however. A sandwich comprised of roast beef, lettuce, tomato, hot pepper cheese, onions, jalapenos, mayonnaise and western dressing dawns her name as well.

“The Zane Grey is my favorite thing to eat here,” said Shannon Ordaz, five-year employee and long-time patron of the restaurant. “But it’s the regulars that really make the place great.”

Many of these regulars come in for the mid-day lunch rush for coffee, which is a freshly ground blend from Grounds

for Thought.

Aside from the Zane Grey and the coffee, the café offers barbecued chicken and beef sandwiches, nachos, chili, burritos and vegetarian options such as the Verde Valley Veggie and western-style salads. Call of the Canyon also provides a wide selection of desserts for after-meal refreshment.

Many customers also enjoy the plethora of wraps which can be taken to go. There are seven such wraps ranging from veggie wraps to chicken cordon blue.

“I love the nachos here. They’re the best there is in Bowling Green,” said Sarah Thompson, an education major and avid Call of the Canyon patron.

In keeping with its western theme, the Call of the Canyon café features cactuses, Navajo artwork and photographs of western landscapes.

Each of the nineteen sandwiches on the menu are also served with tortilla chips and salsa.

The café features a full bar which allows locals to freshen their palate with a variety of different beers, wines and cocktails.

“I love coming here. It’s one of the best places to eat in Bowling Green, and the margaritas are phenomenal,” said Randall Stephens, as he left the café.

The margaritas are on special every Tuesday night for $2.50. Also on special that night, visitors can get four tacos for $2.95.

Other specials throughout the week include nachos on Mondays, burritos and beer on Thursdays and barbecued spare ribs on Fridays.