New East Wooster pizza parlor plans to grab a slice of the pie

James Offenhartz and James Offenhartz

Even with a plethora of pizza places in town, yet another one is trying to make itself known in Bowling Green.

Cottage Inn Pizza is a new, small, carry-out parlor on Wooster Street between Sunoco and Big Boy. Cottage Inn is based out of Michigan and currently has roughly 70 locations.

The managers are hoping to spread business throughout Northwest Ohio. They have not advertised in Bowling Green yet but plan to do so soon.

But word of mouth has already spread. And, as for competition in the Bowling Green area with other pizza places, Cottage Inn managers are not concerned since they have already had success in other locations.

Brian Schuel, store manager of the Bowling Green location, is especially confident about his product.

“We have more high quality pizza. Plus, our garlic cheesy bread is No. 1,” he said.

They also have a Southwest pizza which has BBQ sauce in place of tomato sauce and a variety of two-liter sodas such as root-beer and Mountain Dew, he said.

Since Cottage Inn is across from the University football stadium, they plan on lots of student walk-in business.

Amanda Pirooz, senior, said she’s glad Cottage Inn is here.

“I really like the garlic pizza. The garlic crust was especially good,” Pirooz said.

Cottage Inn, which remains open until 4 a.m. daily, is open later than any pizza shop in the city.

And because they are attached to Sunoco, Schuel said business will get an extra boost.

“We put Cottage Inn Pizza there to help business. It [Sunoco] draws more business for Cottage Inn Pizza, too,” said Bobbi Shunnar, a cashier at Sunoco. “They can get pizza and then come to Sunoco to get pop and chips. If we didn’t have Cottage Inn Pizza next door, they’d go somewhere else.”

Schuel said his business already plans on sharing a late night market with the popular restaurant.

Once Taco Bell starts its renovation, the pizza business should continue to increase when students have to find a place to eat late at night, he said.

Schuel was also glad Cottage Inn opened just in time for the first week of class.

“We wanted to get in the business early in the school year because our main portion of business is from students,” Schuel said.

Students are already walking in for a slice of Cottage Inn pizza, happy to try something new.

“It has the right amount of seasoning, and I like how it had two sauces. I also like that it was open ’til 4 a.m.,” said Karen Schuhmacher, BGSU alumna.