Air Force ROTC to golf for detachment program

Brent Daggett and Brent Daggett

Air Force ROTC cadets will take flight off the links this weekend in order to raise money for their detachment program.

Cadet Ben Malott is the orchestrator of the 18-hole golf scramble.

“The golf outing provides a great networking atmosphere and it’s a good way to get your name out there instead of sociliting,” he said.

“We have great cadets this year who are always willing to benefit the communtiy,” Mallott said.

But raising money isn’t the only reason Malott decided to hold a golf outing.

“I always wanted to be a part of something,” he said. “I enjoy the team atmosphere and having people rely on me and me relying on others.”

Other members of the Air Force are also participating in the outing.

“It’s a great opportunity to raise money for all the activities we are taking part in this year,” Cadet Andrew Tharp said. “This will also create the opportunity for more fun and allow the military to showcase themselves as being more personal with civilans rather than the way some might perceive us.”

Col. Robert Smith is also participating in the scramble.

“This is a good way for the new recruits to have fun and allow them to meet the upperclassmen,” Smith said. “I would also like to see this golf outing set a precedent for becoming an annual event.”

According to Malott, approximately $2,000 has been raised for the event.

Sponsors include Bob Evans, which donated two $25 certificates, RD Stoltz Consultants and Kevin Riggleman Remodeling and Construction. Other donations came from ROTC families.

The scramble is from 12 to 4 p.m. Saturday at Creason Golf Course. The cost for a four-person team is $35 and a cart comes with the package. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided after the scramble as well as a raffle.

“You do not have to be an awesome golfer to come out and play with us,” Mallott said. “I just encourage everyone to come out and be active in the community.”