USG urges students to vote

With the November election coming up, members of Undergraduate Student Senate are doing everything they can to get BGSU students to register in Wood County.

At last night’s USG meeting, senators discussed their involvement in the campaign for voter registration.

Bernard Little, USG president, said this year’s election is especially important to BGSU students.

“This is a big year,” he said. “This is a budget year and that’s very important to us.”

The budget, which will include funding for higher education, will be impacted by Ohio’s Governor election.

Tom Bethany, at-large senator, is heading up the USG effort. He hopes every student will take this issue seriously.

“The governor race is so important to funding for higher education; it’s critical for people to vote,” he said.

Bethany understands that some students may want to remain registered in their home towns, but he said registering in Wood County is crucial for most BGSU students.

“Unless there’s an important issue back home, I encourage all students to make an impact in the community they’ll live in for the next four years,” he said.

Johnnie Lewis, internal affairs chair, said it’s important for students to vote on issues no matter where they are registered.

“There’s always something on the ballot that will impact anyone and everyone,” he said.

Another issue on the ballot that could impact students was discussed by senior Matt Clark, during USG’s open forum.

Voters will decide if land located across from Meijer will remain zoned as agricultural, or be re-zoned as multi-family residential.

Clark said if the land is rezoned, a gated luxury apartment complex will be constructed on the land.

He said the complex has the potential of bringing in commercial buildings, such as restaurants, to the area.

“I believe that the commercial development that will go along with this development is a definite plus for the city of Bowling Green,” Clark said.

Clark urged students and USG senators to vote for this issue.

Commercial development, he said, would create jobs for students.

Clark said the apartment complex would also benefit living conditions as a whole for students living off-campus.

“It’s going to increase competition among landlords,” he said.

Renee Bailey, chief of staff, said she is against the issue.

“It takes away from the community,” she said.

Bailey thinks apartments so far away would make students feel less involved at BGSU.

“I live far away from campus and I’m regretting it,” she said.

Registration cards are available through the USG office in the Union until Oct. 10. Students can also register following Wednesday’s State of the Student Body Address in the Union Grand Ballroom at 5:30 p.m.