University needs help with veggie options

University Dining Services are once again faced with the near impossible task of feeding thousands of ravenous students.

It’s a monumental task which hundreds of employees work at year round, and it often goes unnoticed and taken for granted by many students.

The BG News would like to congratulate dining services for their great efforts.

At the same time, we would like to offer a few suggestions which might take the heat off the kitchens.

An article in today’s paper discusses the much debated topic of vegetarians and vegans on campus. The article brings up criticisms of the University’s attempts to bring in more options for students with special dieting needs.

We believe we are still behind in non-meat and animal product meals, but it’s not for a lack of trying.

Perhaps what we need is to hire a more diverse range of cooks. While the current staffs across campus are all outstanding people (and very friendly!), we think the dining centers could benefit from a few people who could train them in how to create vegan/vegetarian meals.

Another possibility would be to remember it’s not just vegetarians eating these meals. Many carnivorous students enjoy a good salad or rice bowl.

This means making more of the special meals is a must to ensure the students who actually need the food are able to get it.

Finally, The BG News would like to remind the student body that Dining Services cannot read minds.

Every center has big, orange comment cards. Use them!

Don’t just write ‘needs more veggie options,’ tell them what you want. Do you like stuffed, sauteed mushroom caps? Corn chowder? Tofu dogs?

Use your voice, tell dining services what you want and give them a break. They work hard.