Two for $10: College budget dining at the Corner Grill

Sarah Moore and Sarah Moore

Has the idea of having a fresh-cooked meal in the middle of the night ever crossed your mind?

Has your mouth ever begun to salivate at that very thought, while hopelessly knowing that nothing is open, thus leaving your wish unfulfilled?

Corner Grill, located on North Main Street, has come to the rescue.

Open 24 hours, this small, quaint diner offers a varied selection of food, including my favorite: breakfast items at all hours of the day.

Additionally, one of the best aspects of the Corner Grill is that everything on the menu is reasonably priced. Any worries of spending more than your college budget can allow can be quickly flushed down the drain.

Located in downtown Bowling Green, in the direct paths of the various bars and clubs, Corner Grill is the perfect place to stop in for a quick bite to eat before heading home after a fun night out on the town with friends or a significant other.

The diner is small, but the overall layout is not too close for comfort, it’s just right. The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming and the service is friendly.

John Shields, a Corner Grill employee for eight months, enjoys working at the downtown establishment.

“It’s pretty sweet. I basically run it by myself,” he said. Shields said that in the mornings, many regular customers arrive, which can only add to the friendly and down-to-earth feeling one feels upon walking through the door.

However, the scene greatly switches gears in the very late/early hours of the day when the diner is “completely full of drunk people. It’s pretty loud,” he said. This setting can best be described as chaotic, but entertaining nonetheless.

This time around, the flavorful menu items that my confidant and I tasted were cinnamon french Toast for $3.75 grilled ham and cheese for $3.95 and hot cheese cubes for $3.95.

When asked what menu item is ordered most frequently, Shields said “Everyone pretty much goes for the cheeseburger.”

So do yourself a favor and satisfy your late-night, mid-day or morning cravings by heading over to Corner Grill. I’m sure you will not be the only one with the same idea.