Liquid love: What does your beverage say about you?

By Kathy Flanigan MCT

You’re used to getting advice from all sorts of places, but the Aluminum Can Council might be the most unlikely. A recent survey the council funded reveals what your favorite beverage says about you.

Here’s what the council found might happen should romance occur:

Bottled beer drinkers tend to be more open to the idea of committed relationships and have the personality of a bartender. They talk to everyone.

The average canned beer drinker is single, friendly and open and is most often a hard-working, younger professional.

Those who prefer canned energy drinks consider themselves the sexy Casanovas of the 21st century.

Wine drinkers most often are white-collar women who are considered the “ultimate hostess.”

Suave and sophisticated folks who like drinking alcohols such as scotch are typically white-collar divorcees.

Those who like non-alcoholic beverages are often widows or widowers with teenage children.