Wheel through the Zoo

Heather Riedel and Heather Riedel

Education is the key term when it comes to seeing the Antique Car Exhibit at The Toledo Zoo on Saturday.

Bob Barker [no, not the host of “The Price is Right] is the president of the Maumee Valley T’s and the Whitehouse A’s, which are two of the car clubs that will be displaying their antique cars this weekend. He said that educating people about these cars is very important at the exhibition.

“Most of the adults haven’t seen that many old cars in one place in a long time,” Barker said. “Most of the younger children have never seen them and this is where the education comes in.”

Barker explained that there is one club member that shows onlookers how a Model T Ford is crank started and people are able to participate in starting up it up.

This is an exhibit where people can walk around and ask questions, Barker continued. “It’s educational and it’s history because most people don’t know what these cars are.”

On Saturday, patrons will be able to see Model T and Model A cars. The Model T Ford is known for being the first affordable car made. The first Model T Ford was produced in September 1908, according to The Model T Ford International, Inc. Web site.

Barker added that he emphasizes the title car exhibit rather than car show because in an exhibit, the cars are not be judged and there won’t be prizes given like in a car show. Another difference is in a car show “you typically have all kinds of cars. From modern to antiques to custom cars, and so on.”

Saturday’s event will be solely for the enjoyment of people strolling around the Main Plaza of the zoo .

“It’s very passive but very nice,” Barker added. “People are seeing something that’s 75 to 90 plus years old.”

The Antique Car Exhibit is an event that is part of the Senior Discovery Days at the zoo. Jennifer Sauber, the events and promotions coordinator of the zoo, said that Senior Discovery Days are held in September and October.

“We do all types of events to encourage senior citizens to come out and visit the zoo,” Sauber said. “The weather’s a little bit cooler, the kids are back at school, and so we try to attract seniors.”

Sauber added that Saturday’s weather looks promising and she hopes to have a good size crowd in attendance.

The car exhibit is from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and more information can be found at The Toledo Zoo Web site: www.toledozoo.org.