Facebook becomes too evasive

Facebook is one of the biggest college social network Web sites where you can put a profile of yourself to keep close connection to friends within the university and also keep a close connection to people from other universities across the country.

Many different campus organizations have used it for recruitment and to help publicize upcoming events.

Facebook has been criticized recently due to people’s extreme dissemination of information on their profiles. In some cases, school athletes are banned from using this popular Web site and many teachers and faculty use it to check up on their students.

Employers also use it to see what the people applying for the job are really like. This Tuesday Facebook reformatted their Web site so people can actually see what friends are doing with their facebook profiles.

Facebook shows this by using a “news feed” feature that relays every activity your friends have done including friend adds, groups they recently joined, notes they wrote on another person’s “wall,” and so on.

This “news feed” feature is ridiculous and just makes it more of a stalker Web site by knowing what all your friends are doing at any given time on Facebook.

Many people I know have actually removed their profiles completely because of this new evasive feature.

Facebook has been trying to compete with myspace by making a high school form of Facebook and other recently added features like a photo gallery and friend details.

This “news feed” is just taking it too far because I don’t need to know exactly what my friends are doing to their profile; and I especially don’t need the exact day and time they are doing these activities.

Facebook has become a stalker’s fantasy now because stalkers will always know what people are exactly doing on Facebook.

There are more than ten Facebook groups speaking out against this new format.

These dissenters are requesting to bring back the old Facebook since this new feature is just creepy. Some groups are even talking about boycotting Facebook until the old format is back.

I don’t know if it will go that far, but many have left Facebook, and if this format isn’t changed soon this will be a huge blow to Facebook.

This new feature is pushing the social network Web site a little too far and is making people feel really uncomfortable.

This site has assisted people in connecting more with friends while also allowng an avenue to help meet new people.

But now Facebook is frightening people with more evasive features. People should speak out against and e-mail Facebook demanding to bring back the old format while threatening to leave if this aberration does not change.

The more people that write to these Facebook people, the more likely they will listen and bring back the old Facebook.

Overall, I thought Facebook was a great way to connect with friends from all over the country, but recently I have been disappointed. I think I’m leaving if nothing changes.

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