Messages are better left in chalk

“Walk with passion” is a message most people won’t find offensive.

In an article in today’s BG News, one student even calls the message “thought-provoking.”

However, university officials are less than impressed with the spray-painted slogans and politically charged commentary.

Graffiti in general has the University concerned.

We at the BG News would like to take this opportunity to remind students it is possible to get your message out without breaking the law.

And yes, graffiti is against the law, and bears a hefty fine as well.

At any given time on campus one can find a hundred chalked messages on the sidewalks.

These messages usually contain times and places of organization meetings, but can also be a useful tool for the politically motivated.

If keeping within the rules and regulations of the University, students could get their message out and make a lasting impression on the reader, rather than the sidewalk.

College is the perfect time for students to express their opinions. Campuses are a prime environment for political discourse.

The problem comes when students stop observing the rules and start using illegal means to get their voices heard.

The BG News would like to remind students of the dozens of other ways to make a difference.

One way is by attending Undergraduate Student Government meetings, The USG makes a lot of decisions on campus and welcomes student input.

Not into public speaking? Anyone can post fliers on the outdoor kiosks scattered across campus.

Into larger issues? Try heading to a city council meeting.

Want to go large scale? Go and speak at organization meetings across campus.

Not sure when they meet? Check the chalk on the sidewalks.

We just urge students to remember; when you break the law when spreading your message, you’re undermining the message itself and are less likely to get serious consideration from your peers.