Fashion show teaches importance of professional dressing

The Bowling Green Student Education Association (BG SEA) will host their first fashion show tonight, in an effort to teach students how to dress in professional situations.

The show will start at 9 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose room in the Union.

“The purpose of this fashion show is to teach students how to dress, so when they get to do their student teaching, they won’t be mistaken as a student because they don’t dress correctly,” Mallory Clevenger, senior and professional programmer for BG SEA, said.

According to Clevenger, the biggest problem is students don’t know how to dress for interviews.

“This show can help everyone, of course we are advertising to education majors, but all are welcome,” Clevenger said.

There have been other events put on in the past to advertise the right way to dress by other groups, but BG SEA wanted a great way to especially promote the right way to dress for their education majors.

“We’ve done events in the past called ‘myth-busting’ to talk further about the myths about the Praxis and Methods [and Student Teaching], but we are doing this show because we want our students to look good for student teaching. So we decided to host this fashion show.” Clevenger stated.

This fashion is a great way to find out how to dress and what to wear when it comes to interviews and such, Clevenger said.

“When I was first approached to help with this show, I thought it was a great idea. But the biggest thing I did was solidify the clothing for the models,” Andrea Domachowski, assistant director at the Career Center, said.

Tonight’s show is expected to showcase clothes needed to look professional.

“They are two scenes, which are business casual and business professional. At the beginning of the show, we will have raffle tickets given out and raffle half of them off. At intermission, we will raffle off the other half by giving away whomever can answer the professional dress and etiquette questions correctly,” Clevenger said.

Presidents, vice presidents and others who hold high positions in organizations need to know how to dress professionally.

“I feel honored that I was asked to be a model. Being the USG President, these kind of clothes are what I have to wear on a daily basis,” said senior Bernard Little. “So, I definitely think it’ll be a way to show students how to dress in professional situations.”

BG SEA will hold two more events later this semester.

“Myth-Busting: Praxis and Methods” will be held Oct. 24 and “Educational News: Informational” will be held Dec. 4.