Registration comes early for DM

On March 24, an estimated 500 students will fill the Rec Center, accompanied by another 500 students to cheer them on as they dance – and dance, and dance and dance.

The annual 32-hour Dance Marathon has a goal of attracting at least 1,000 students this year, according to this year’s morale captain, Angela Schroeder.

“It’s a big goal for us,” Schroeder said.

In order to encourage students to participate in this year’s Marathon, requirements for dancers and moralers have been changed.

“We met at a retreat, and thought it would be best if we tried to increase the number of participants this year,” said senior Jack Pence, a dance group representative chair for the Marathon’s Steering Committee.

Participants in the annual fundraising event are required to raise money to be donated to Mercy Children’s Hospital. Last year, dancers were required to raise $352 and moralers, $252. This year, the price of participation has been lowered to $275 for dancers and $200 for moralers.

“We’re trying to make it easier for students to get involved,” Pence said.

The next meeting for students interested in getting involved in Dance Marathon will be held Oct. 4 in the Union Ballroom.

The Steering Committee has altered the registration requirements. Dancers and moralers must have their paperwork and a 10 percent down-payment turned in by Oct. 27.

According to its Web site, the mission of the Steering Committee is to raise money and awareness for children treated by children’s hospitals, as well as to encourage community involvement by students.

Last year, Dance Marathon raised $155,779.23 for Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo. The proceeds from the marathon go toward research, equipment and treatment, and will benefit children with terminal illness, birth defects, severe disease and severe trauma.

Jon Meyer, a dance group representative for Alpha Sigma Phi, said Dance Marathon benefits students, as well as the hospital.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to help out in the community,” Meyer said. “And it’s all about having a good time.”

Schroeder said Dance Marathon allows her to do what she loves – working with kids.

“There’s such a range of things to get involved in,” she said. “No matter what your skills are, what you’re good at, what you’re interested in, or what your time commitment is, there’s always something you can do.”

Editor’s note: The next meeting for students interested in getting involved in Dance Marathon will be held on Oct. 4 in the Union Ballroom.