New ticket prices lower costs for all

Sarah Virost and Sarah Virost

New ticket deals from the athletic department will let grads and guests alike enjoy football games at a price that’s lower than everyone may expect.

The athletic department has come out with two new deals when it comes to buying tickets. The first deal is the “Guest Pass” and the other is a new season ticket for recent grads.

The Guest Pass allows a student to buy up to four tickets for guests to sit in the student section with them at only $8 each as opposed to the usual $16, according to JD Campbell, assistant athletic director.

There are a few restrictions to the guest pass; the tickets must be purchased in advance, and will not be sold on game day. Also the guest pass will not be available for the football game against Kent State which falls on family weekend.

Even with the few restrictions, many underclassmen that have high school friends attending different colleges are excited about the chance to be able to have their friends join them at the game.

“I have a lot of friends in Toledo and the surrounding area, so it’s really nice that we can plan a weekend they can come with me to a football game for a price that fits in all our budgets,” said Rachel Csonka, freshman.

In addition to football games, for the guest pass there will be similar promotions for hockey, and men’s and women’s basketball, according to Campbell.

The second deal is season tickets for recent grads. This allows graduates from 2001 to present to purchase season tickets for only $39 opposed to the normal $75. This price covers every home football game.

“That makes it more appealing to come back for the games, because it’s a lot cheaper than I thought it would be,” said Aimee Dubois, junior.

The idea of having the discounted tickets began last year and the athletic department sent out word of the tickets through emails over the summer. The number of grads who have purchased the tickets has doubled since last year, to around 100, Campbell said.

The athletic department was worried that students would graduate and then lose all ties to their alma mater.

“We designed the programs because we want everyone to enjoy athletic events,” he said. “Good programs allow people, as students, to go out and support their teams. Now we’re trying to help make it possible for former students to build a lifelong connection to their school.”