Authentic Amish cuisine makes its way to BG

Freddy Hunt and Freddy Hunt

The new deli at the Woodland Mall offers authentic Amish food without the 150-mile drive to Amish country.

A Taste of Amish Deli was opened June 3 by Lori Hanway, whose a Brooklyn, NY native.

Hanway came up with the idea to open the deli when she took a trip to Millersburg, Ohio with business partner Mike Kestner, who owns The Amish Oak Gallery and Home Center in the mall.

While Kestner and Hanway were browsing for furniture they had some lunch at Troyer’s Cheese Co.

“The food was so good that we decided right away that we need to open a deli in Bowling Green,” Hanway said.

Troyer’s Cheese Co. which has been in business for 47 years, supplies A Taste of Amish’s natural meats and cheeses. Troyers is a brand name that pretty much sells itself, Hanway said.

When Wallace DePue, a retired music composition professor, was diagnosed with diabetes he had to become very careful about what he could eat.

“Whatever I get is good for me,” DePue said about the deli, “We came once and always came back. You can’t get anywhere near the quality they have here.”

Hanway claims the prices are all affordable, even for students. “Where in town can you get a sandwich basket this good for $4.99?” she said.

The sandwich basket includes 3.5 ounces of one of 24 different varieties of meat, one of 48 varieties of cheese, all natural levi chips, a pickle and a choice between coleslaw, potato salad or macaroni salad.

The deli also caters and provides a choice of a hot or cold sandwich.

Hanway said the trail Swiss cheese tray is great for football parties and is also made cheap, which caters to the student’s needs. A 10 percent discount will be made available to students who order the catering.

The sandwiches are not the only food made available. A wide variety of noodles, jams, sauces, candy, jerky, cheese curds, fudge, pies and cakes are also sold.

The cakes and pies are provided by Troyer’s Home Pantry, located in Apple Creek, Ohio.

“You can go all over Ohio and never find a better pie,” DePue said.