Fashion Jumbled

Heather Riedel and Heather Riedel

It’s time to pull out those leggings from old Halloween costumes and pair them with high pumps and a denim skirt. And remember those skinny-legged jeans that everyone wore back in grade school? Grab a few of those too because they are the chosen style for this fall’s fashion.

Ramse Cavender, junior, said when she recently walked into Express in Columbus, the straight-legged, tight around the ankle jeans were the No. 1 jean style for the season. Leggings are also being incorporated with this skinny jean style.

“They [Express employees] said that you wear the leggings over the ankle up to the calf and wear them with pumps,” Cavender said. “It’s one of the newest styles now.”

Cavender is a former Apparel Merchandising and Product Development major and has a passion for fashion.

Even though she changed her major to Journalism, she said she would still love “to go to New York and see fashion shows.”

“I’m very curious to see how many people will be wearing straight-legged jeans this season,” Cavender added.

Gap’s new commercial advertises just what Cavender said. Audrey Hepburn is the focus of the commercial and wears straight-legged, black pants. The well-known song “Back in Black” is cleverly played as the background music Hepburn dances around the screen to. Then, “The Skinny Black Pant” is stamped below the Gap logo, and there it is. These ankle tight pants are back, but who knows for how long.

Katy Kurz, senior, is not a big fan of the skinny jean style and said she hasn’t seen too many people wearing them.

“I feel that some of these styles that are in right now are just fads and won’t be around for too long,” Kurz said.

Cavender agreed with Kurz and said she doesn’t think “the straight-legged jeans are going to be those jeans that people wear every other day.”

Designers who participated in the 2006 Fashion Week in New York City may have to disagree. Skinny pants and leggings were among the top trends for the season. Diesel showed off their line of skinny-legged pants and Lacoste rocked the runway with colorful leggings and pumps, according to the New York Magazine Web site.

Kurz, a marketing major, has a love for fashion like Cavender and keeps up with the hottest trends of the seasons, particularly through Fashion Week. She thinks that any high-end fashion styles can be hard to pull off but certain people can look good.

“I think that if you’re going to wear straight-legged jeans or leggings, you have to have a bold personality and have confidence,” Kurz said. “Some people take styles right out of magazines, but I think you need to take styles and wear them in your own way.”

Leggings were a hot trend from last winter and both students think they will be seeing a lot of girls wearing them again this fall.

“I think that this season is going to be a mixture between last year’s style and what’s going to be hot for next year,” Cavender said. “I think the leggings and skirts are going to stay around for a while.”

Even though some of these trends are coming from the ’80s era, especially the leggings and pumps, people need to make sure they aren’t throwing just any old accessory on, like a scrunchie, to spice up the style.

“Mixing the big, chunky, plastic jewelry with the leggings and pumps, it’s just like an ’80s flashback when you go out to the bars here,” Kurz said. “People need to watch so they don’t overdo it.”

But remember, making any style into a style that works for you is a key factor in looking good.