Student safety decisions should be guided by common sense

With one of the primary concerns of incoming students (or maybe just their parents) being safety, The BG News would like to remind freshman and returning students that many dangers can be skirted simply by using common sense.

Remembering to lock your room door can do wonders for theft prevention, just as walking with friends or in well-lit areas can curb your chances of being attacked at night.

Sometimes new students forget they are now full fledged adults. In college we cannot rely on our parents to constantly warn us about potential dangers. We must take responsibility and make wise choices to ensure our own well being.

Besides just locking your doors, knowing and utilizing the resources on campus is an easy way to stay safe.

The University Police Department is one of those resources which can prove to be the most helpful to new students. Many may not know that the BGSU Police are all full officers of the law and have the same abilities as the city police.

Students should never be afraid to contact the University Police whenever they feel their safety is being threatened. As quoted in today’s BG News article; Sgt. Tim Guthrie of the Unversity police force says, “Never hesitate to call if something looks suspicious. We don’t mind.”

This doesn’t mean loud neighbors warrant a call to the police. For those minor issues the University has Resident Advisors available on every floor in every hall.

Aside from the common on campus concerns, students should also use the same safety precautions when they venture off campus.

These measures are as simple as those used on campus. For instance, don’t go “exploring” downtown after dark by yourself.

Want to see what the club scene is like? Take a friend along. This can also double as a great way to bond with your new roommate.

Invited to a keg party and you’re under 21? Politely decline or go and keep an eye on your nonalcoholic drinks.

Your personal safety shouldn’t be rocket science. The University offers a plethora of safeguards and resources on campus and, as adults, students should be able to take the proper precautions when off campus.