More events wouldn’t help curb students drinking

More events wouldn’t help curb students drinking

I feel Kristen Vasas’ pain; the programs offered by the University stink. I agree there is nothing to do on campus. But I find it hard to believe that had the University offered anything better this weekend it would help stave off the wave of drunken revelry.

What would she like to see the University offer? Concerts and comedy shows are great; Recycled Percussion filled the ballroom last weekend and many people were turned away because there weren’t enough seats. But there are a few fundamental problems with concerts and shows: prohibitive cost, organization and the simple fact that bands and comedians are not always around to play a show at a college.

Even when the University does sponsor an event a good deal of students drink before these events and are already drunk when they get there.

Ms. Vasas comments that all students agree they would like to see events that are “more exciting and suitable for all ages”. But I didn’t notice any other suggestions in the article, from Ms. Vasas or otherwise, as to what the University could do to help. Browsing the websites of other universities in Ohio shows those Universities are not providing much more than BG does for their students.

I recognize I am in the minority in the fact that I do not drink and never have. Nonetheless, it isn’t hard for me to understand why people choose to get drunk, and I hardly think that it is because of the lack of University sponsored events.

– Steven Charney, Sophomore, Pre-Major Advising, [email protected].