Board members anticipate fall meetings

With budgeting, building and everything in between, the University Board of Trustees will be anything but bored this school year.

The Board of Trustees, which makes decisions on how the university is operating, meets on a monthly basis throughout the school year to keep up on the big issues.

Brady Gaskins is the newest member of the board in the Graduate Student Representative seat.

“I’ve always been interested in how the University runs,”

he said.

Gaskins is a two-time graduate of Bowling Green State University since he first attended in 1990. Now, 16 years later as a graduate student in the higher education administration program, he is ready to get in on the action.

“Just being in the room where we can have those important conversations is going to be exciting,” Gaskins said.

The last time the board was in the meeting room together was in May when they discussed new hires and faculty tenure. And the next time they meet will be in September when President Sidney Ribeau will share his vision for the University’s future.

“I’m excited about the direction the president’s vision is taking Bowling Green State University,” Gaskins said.

One issue included in Ribeau’s vision is the Capital Improvement Plan, which is the plan for all new building projects on campus.

Trustee Michael Marsh has been on the board for 12 years, the capital improvement he is most interested in is the talk of a new convocation center.

“I’m ready to see that go from talk to an actual plan,” he said.

Also included in the Capital Improvement Plan for the future are the brand new Sebo Athletic complex, the Wolfe Center for the Arts, and the demolition of Saddlemire – all will get attention from the board.

This year is what’s called a “budget year,” according to Linda Dobb, the executive vice president at the University and secretary for the Board of Trustees.

The trustees will work with the state and legislatures to hammer out the university’s budget plan for the next two years. The discussions will take all year to decide on until it is finalized in June.

Also, this year is important for the trustees because Ohio is voting in a new governor, so the trustees are going to have to get to know their new legislator.

Here in Bowling Green, the trustees will push university programs like the Engagement Initiative. Continuing the Engagement Initiative will require the trustees to oversee and encourage university staff to take their expertise to the streets of Bowling Green.

But Dobb knows more issues will pop up throughout the year as they always do. Last year it was the insurance plan, which the board voted on in order to make the plan mandatory. But only time will tell what the coming school year holds.

“It’s going to be a big year,” Dobb said.